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Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina


The Meadow Brown is one of our most widespread and common butterflies. It is a butterfly of open grasslands, but intensification of farming has reduced its numbers in agricultural areas. If is also found in a wide variety of other habitats including woodland rides, roadside verges, dunes and wastelands.


The male is a plain chocolate brown butterfly with a tiny eye spot on the upper forewings. The female is larger and has a bright orange blaze on the forewing. In comparison with the Gatekeeper it usually has only one white pupil in the eye spot of the forewing. The underwing is characterised by having small black dots as opposed to the white dots of the Gatekeeper.

Flight times

The Meadow Brown has a single brood, but the variable rate of larval development leads to a long flight period between mid-June and mid-October.

Food plants

Eggs are laid or dropped among grasses including Sheep's Fescue and Annual Meadow-grass.

Meadow Brown - © Simon Jenkins  picture of Meadow Brown butterfly

Distribution Maps for the East Midlands Region

Meadow Brown distribution map 2010
2010 Summary
No of tetrads 373
First sighting 30/05/2010
Last sighting 25/09/2010
Meadow Brown distribution map 2011
2011 Summary
No of tetrads 424
First sighting 01/06/2011
Last sighting 27/11/2011
Meadow Brown distribution map 2012
2012 Summary
No of tetrads 381
First sighting 03/06/2012
Last sighting 21/09/2012
Meadow Brown distribution map 2013
2013 Summary
No of tetrads 613
First sighting 16/05/2013
Last sighting 05/10/2013
Meadow Brown distribution map 2014
2014 Summary
No of tetrads 666
First sighting 06/04/2014
Last sighting 27/09/2014
Meadow Brown distribution map 2015
2015 Summary
No of tetrads 789
First sighting 22/03/2015
Last sighting 01/10/2015
Meadow Brown distribution map 2005-09

Combined records for the five year period 2005-09

Meadow Brown distribution map 2010-14

Combined records for the five year period 2010-14

Comparison of years 2005-09 & 2010-14

No Data


Photo Gallery

Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown © Simon Jenkins

Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown - female © Christine Maughan

Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown - male © Christine Maughan

Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown © Richard Jeffery

Meadow Brown Meadow Brown Meadow Brown Meadow Brown
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