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Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta


The Red Admiral is a common and widespread species throughout Britain. It is found in almost every habitat and is a familiar visitor to gardens. Actual numbers depend on migration from continental Europe, and North Africa, but it is known to overwinter.


It is unmistakeable with its black, white and red patterning.

Flight times

It has been recorded during every month of the year, but the first major influx occurs during May and June.

Food plants

Eggs are laid singly on young Nettle leaves.

Red Admiral - © Simon Jenkins  picture of Red Admiral butterfly

Distribution Maps for the East Midlands Region

Red Admiral distribution map 2010
2010 Summary
No of tetrads 246
First sighting 01/03/2010
Last sighting 12/11/2010
Red Admiral distribution map 2011
2011 Summary
No of tetrads 494
First sighting 18/01/2011
Last sighting 24/12/2011
Red Admiral distribution map 2012
2012 Summary
No of tetrads 270
First sighting 11/01/2012
Last sighting 07/11/2012
Red Admiral distribution map 2013
2013 Summary
No of tetrads 396
First sighting 12/02/2013
Last sighting 17/12/2013
Red Admiral distribution map 2014
2014 Summary
No of tetrads 731
First sighting 20/01/2014
Last sighting 18/12/2014
Red Admiral distribution map 2015
2015 Summary
No of tetrads 711
First sighting 09/01/2015
Last sighting 07/12/2015
Red Admiral distribution map 2005-09

Combined records for the five year period 2005-09

Red Admiral distribution map 2010-14

Combined records for the five year period 2010-14

Comparison of years 2005-09 & 2010-14

No Data


Photo Gallery

Red Admiral

Red Admiral © Simon Jenkins

Red Admiral

Red Admiral © Christine Maughan

Red Admiral

Red Admiral © Richard Jeffery

Red Admiral

Red Admiral © Richard Jeffery

Red Admiral Red Admiral Red Admiral Red Admiral
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