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Update No 1

7th January 2019

Ken Orpe
Balkan Copper
Balkan Copper, Bulgaria © Dave Goddard.
Black-veined White
Black-veined White, Bulgaria © Dave Goddard.

With cool overnight temperatures and mainly cloudy skies during the short hours of daylight of late, there were very few opportunities for volunteers to get out and about looking for butterflies but Mark Radford informs me that Kevin Navin saw a Peacock flying along a road in Staveley on Boxing Day 2018, whilst during a sunny spell on new year’s day 2019, Peter Burton saw a Small Tortoiseshell in full flight across the moors at the top of Heyden Clough on the Derbyshire side of Holme Moss at an elevation of 1600 feet above sea level – so the 2019 season has already started on the 1st of January (the same species was also seen on the first day of the New Millennium in the County).

Meanwhile over in North Notts, on the 1st of January 2019 Phil Lee saw a Peacock on the wing at West Stockwith. The next time that the sun briefly appeared in the area was Sunday the 6th of January 2019 but it was sufficient for another Peacock to appear, this time at Brimington, which was seen by Alan Wood (per Sid Morris) and also surprisingly on the same day a Brimstone was seen flying at Markham North Pit by Mark Radford. With more sun forecast for tomorrow (8th of January) it could be that we get further sightings of additional butterflies in the county.

Clouded Apollo
Clouded Apollo, Bulgaria © Dave Goddard.
Eastern Festoon
Eastern Festoon, Bulgaria © Dave Goddard.
Pleasingly yet more amazing photos of butterflies have been sent to me by members of this egroup – many people are pleased to share butterfly photos of their far away trips which include eastern Europe, South Africa and even Tasmania. So limiting the attachments to 6 photos, here are some great shots from Dave Goddard of his trip to Bulgaria – enjoy on these dismal days of January!
News from Previous Years
False Eros Blue
False Eros Blue, Bulgaria © Dave Goddard.
Pearly Heath
Pearly Heath, Bulgaria © Dave Goddard.