Markham Vale Conservation Work

Sterling work is being done at Marham Vale in Derbyshire by Sid Morris and his team of volunteers. Below is a paraphrased review of the work parties that Sid has sent to the committee:

Here are a few photographs showing the work that has recently been undertaken on some of the Markham Vale areas.

Work Party 1
Work Party 2

As of previous years the main focus is identifying the more productive areas that are being subject to sapling encroachment and too much coverage from the ground growth. The photographs titled Work Party 1 and WP2 are from the M.V.N. Seymour site, this short section holds Dingy Skipper but has suffered from serious encroachment which we have now hopefully rectified for a while.

Work Party 3
Work Party 4
Work Party 5

WP3, WP4 and WP5, show one of the areas that was advised, by EMBC recommending that we took some action when EMBC came to visit the site previously; thinning out of the saplings and the more established trees to allow more light through. This is on the south tip perimeter transect.

Work Party 6

WP6: we have recently negotiated with D.C.C. the use of a flail mower and the staff to operate this, the results are astounding giving our team more time to work on the more difficult areas, we still have a few more sessions at our disposal which should help us tremendously.

Work Party 7
Work Party 8

WP7 and WP8 showing the second phase of the tree thinning out in the previous area, we also identified a couple of (possible?) suitable sites for Clearwing interest by cutting one of a three-trunked tree growth WP9, low down and angled. Only Mel's expertise will confirm if we have been correct, and we are open to any other suggestions.

New Base

The last photograph is of our new base, kindly donated by D.C.C. This will have electrics installed enabling the team to work on other projects. After speaking to Jane at the AGM I said that i would deliver an update regarding the work being done on the site; it`s only a brief but I hope that it helps you all.

There are possibly some other major developments being negotiated presently, we`ll keep you all informed when we have more information ourselves.