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I have been handed a pair of binoculars that were found in Cotgrave Forest recently. Contact Neil Pinder (07981 928402; if they are yours.


We would like to freshen up the website with a new range of photos. If you have a few images of butterflies and moths in their various life stages that you are pleased with and that could go on the site, we would love to see them. Copyright would remain with the photographer and you would of course be fully acknowledged.

If you can email them to in a suitable jpeg format suitable for the web (800-1000px across, or less than 500Kb) that would be great but alternative methods might be ok.

Submissions from amateur photographers who are members of the East Midlands branch of BC only and of British species but taken anywhere in the UK please. Maximum of five images per photographer. A location and date (month and year) would be nice.

Ensure that you keep a copy as we won't be able to return them. We will try to use as many as possible from as many photographers as we can but we want a range of species - both moths and butterflies including caterpillars so if we get dozens of Red Admirals on Buddleja we're unlikely to use more than a couple!

Welcome to the East Midlands Branch of Butterfly Conservation.

We cover the counties of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Derbyshire including the Peak District.

Butterfly Conservation is a membership organisation and has people with all sorts of interests and levels of knowledge - those who like looking at butterflies and moths in their garden, those who are fascinated by their life cycle, some who are true experts and want to pass on their knowledge to others and people who feel passionately about wildlife conservation.

The East Midlands Branch welcomes new members with any or all of the above interests. If you would like to find out more about joining Butterfly Conservation please contact our Membership Secretary.


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